Coaching Association of Canada

Yvonne Camus

COO, World Health Edmonton
High Performance Specialist
Eco-Challenge participant

Yvonne Camus is one of North America’s most trusted speakers on teamwork and performance. She has shown hundreds of organizations how ordinary people, like her, can achieve extraordinary things. Camus was a participant in the Eco-Challenge, the world championship of adventure racing conceived by Mark Burnett of Survivor fame. Hers was the first rookie team to complete the grueling competition. 

Punchy, deeply moving, and often humorous, Camus draws on her experiences to show you how to rise to the challenges of training, preparation, and execution. In the process, she helps you to see and to realize the potential for greatness in yourself, in your co-workers, and in your entire organization.

The High Life – Leading a High Performance Life

Yvonne Camus delivers a talk that will make you rethink workplace pressures, stress, and what it means to lead a high performance life. Despite daunting challenges, it is possible – in fact, it is absolutely necessary – to achieve high performance living. Stress, relentless and unremitting, is taking an enormous toll on our health. When our bodies and minds are exhausted, we find it hard to produce creative ideas. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Drawing on the latest from nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and mindset, the four pillars of health, Camus presents a deeply relatable talk, full of effective real life strategies: the One Minute Meditation, the Mindful Eating Plan, and others. More than just a handful of tips on how to “reduce stress,” this absorbing talk will help audiences fully incorporate healthy, high performance into every aspect of their lives.