Coaching Association of Canada

World Cup

Stage of Activity 



Variable (ball, net)


5 - 25 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Participants pair up and select a country for their team name (ie. Canada, Portugal, Germany). Depending on the age and stage of the athlete you can select a goalkeeper, or the coach can stand in the net deflecting balls, or you can keep the goal open.
Identify a playing area in close vicinity of the net (one half of a court, the 18 yard box on a soccer field, before the blue line on an ice surface). The coach throws balls into the identified playing area – a smaller number of balls than teams. Each pair works together to put the ball in the net. Every country is against every country. When someone shoots on the net, they must yell their country’s name for their goal to count. When a team scores, they go off to the sideline as they have made it into the next round. The round is over when there is only one pair left and they are eliminated. To ensure that everyone continues to play, you can play the game where there is no elimination and you keep score instead.


Kicking, passing, shooting, communication, spatial sense


If there is no keeper, you can play “post” where hitting a post or cross bar is considered a goal. 
The game can also be played where no one is eliminated for a set period of time, and team’s keep score of how many goals they score.
By modifying the playing surface (larger) you can make the game easier, or smaller to make the game harder. You can also make the game harder by putting less balls into the field of play for the team’s to try and score with.

This game can be modified to play in many different environments using different sport-specific skills and playing surfaces.