Coaching Association of Canada

Win the Prime

Stage of Activity 



None (unless sport specific equipment is required)


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Athletes start in a line along a field, shoreline, pool wall, gym, rink, etc.
They close their eyes, as the coach walks behind the line and secretly taps one person on the shoulder.
Athletes are instructed to stay together as a group during the interval until the person who was tapped decides to “kick” for the finish.

When the athlete kicks, then everyone races them to the finish. The first one to the line gets a point.

The person who was tapped must decide whether to sprint immediately or wait until closer to the finish, depending on their speed and the speed of others in the group. For endurance events, this activity can be done on a track or longer course (1 to 3 minutes long). For speed-based events, the distance can be very short (e.g. 10 to 30 seconds long).


Speed, reaction time, decision making, energy conservation, strategy


Athletes can move in a pace line for sports that require drafting.
Athletes can also be stagger started, to spread out the field.