Coaching Association of Canada

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball Canada offers the following NCCP workshops:

Community Coach workshops are offered through Canada Basketball.

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Competition – Introduction

The focus of this 19-hour workshop, designed for coaches of athletes aged 8-12, is learning to coach the basic skills and tactics that are required to support the competitive athlete. Coaches will gain an understanding of the Long-Term Athlete Development model and how to teach fundamental wheelchair basketball movements such as starting, stopping, and turning, as well as technical & tactical skills such as shooting, passing, ball handling, chair position, picking, and defence.

Competition – Introduction Advanced

Designed for coaches of athletes aged 11 to 16 who have completed the Competition – Introduction program, this workshop will teach coaches how to support the competitive experience. Throughout the 22-hour workshop, coaches will focus on advanced concepts such as the integration of mental skills into practices and games, planning practices for different phases of a season, and delivering effective feedback.

Competition – Development

This 6-day workshop is designed for coaches involved in year-round programs like top club teams, provincial teams, and Canada Games teams. During the workshop, coaches will focus on annual performance planning, seasonal phase planning, the use of mental training, travel and tournament planning, sport program design, and planning for peak performance. Coaches will also work on analyzing performance of skills and tactics, including biomechanical analysis, video analysis, and scouting. Coaches must complete the following multi-sport modules and their evaluations in order to become certified:

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Managing Conflict
  • Leading Drug-free Sport

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