Coaching Association of Canada

Weight control

  • Losing Weight for Athletes

    A balanced meal plan and an appropriate training program are the keys to success. If you must lose weight, consult a registered dietitian with expertise in sport. [ more ]

  • Eating Disorders: Signs, Screening, Confronting

    Coaches, health professionals, and parents have important roles to play in the prevention, identification, and management of disordered eating and eating disorders in athletes. [ more ]

  • Gaining Weight for Athletes

    Muscle gain is gradual. Rarely will an adult athlete gain as much as 10 lb. of muscle mass per year. [ more ]

  • Athlete Physique & Sport

    An athlete’s physique is made up of his or her unique bone structure, musculature, and body fat. How the body builds muscle and where it puts on fat is primarily determined by genetics. While it is possible to alter the body’s muscle mass and overall fat mass to a certain extent, there is considerable risk associated with attempts to override an athlete’s genetic physique. [ more ]