Coaching Association of Canada


Stage of Activity 





5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

All athletes line up single-file, with enough room for athletes to move around them (e.g. arms length if running; bike length if cycling; two arms length if skating; ski length if skiing, etc.).

On “GO” the team starts moving (jogging, skating, skiing, paddling, wheeling, etc.) very slowly, maintaining the distance between each person. The last person moves faster, weaving in and out of the players ahead until they reach the front of the line.

Once the back person is at the front, they slow the group down, decide on the direction, and resume the lead while the “new back person” weaves through the team.


Teamwork, aerobic endurance, agility, body and space awareness, pacing


The back “weavers” start sooner, for example after the person has dodged through two or three people. This reduces time between each athlete’s turn to weave, therefore allowing for more repetitions per player.
Pass an implement when weaving.