Coaching Association of Canada

WE PITISOWEWEPAHIKAN (Modified Double Ball From The Cree Nation)

Stage of Activity 



Pool noodles cut in thirds or halves

A double ball (two tennis balls and two socks)

*Traditionally these were made from deerskin, stuffed with buffalo hair, and fastened with a leather tie. An adapted version can be made by putting tennis balls in two different socks and tying them together.


5-20 minutes

Number of People

Minimum 2 per team; maximum 8 per team

How it Works

Players form two teams, with a centre line and two goal lines.

The goal is to throw the double ball across the opponent’s goal line.

Players pick up the double ball on their “sticks”, pass to another player, then move down the field.

The ball may not be touched with the hands or feet.

A player may not move with the double ball on their stick.

Once a player has the double ball on their stick, then must stay in one spot and pass to another player.


Coordination, throwing, stick-handling, agility, court sense


Use softer material to stuff socks for younger players and to make the double ball safer in case of contact.

Play with smaller teams to increase movement.

Play in a smaller area to increase agility and a larger area to increase endurance running.