Coaching Association of Canada

Vladimir Kopecky - Archery

Date of Birth: March 23, 1943
Birth Place: Kremnica, Slovak Republic
Residence: Kimberley, BC
Occupation: Coach

Vladimir Kopecky started coaching track & field in1959. In 1963, he enrolled in a coaching university in Bratislava, studying track and field, and cross country skiing. At the time he was coaching track and field along with soccer. He earned his diploma in 1968 and arrived in Canada with his wife the same year.

In spring 1969, Kopecky started coaching athletics with Geoff Gowan in the Toronto area until 1975. That year, he relocated with his family to Kimberley, BC and started coaching alpine skiing conditioning. In 1979, Kopecky took up archery and in 1982 started coaching the sport.

Since then he has developed several Canadian national champions and U.S. national champions. In 2004 he started working with Kevin Evans, who in the space of one year won the Canadian National Championship, the Canada Cup and since then has broken many Canadian and world records and has become a two-time world champion.

Kopecky is now working with national team members, conducting training camps and is also working with several local school archers. He says, “Sport is a major part of my life, and I'm not ready to quit.”