Coaching Association of Canada

Visualization exercise

Stage of Activity

Learn to Train, Train to Train, Train to Compete




5 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Sit back, get into a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Think of a particular skill in your sport. Imagine yourself performing that skill. Focus externally on developing a clear and detailed image of yourself performing the skill. Focus on the sounds you might hear as you perform the skill. Focus internally on the sensations or feelings as you perform the skill. Finally, once you have a clear image of yourself performing and feeling the skill, choose an external cue to focus on that is associated with the outcome of the skill. For example, choose the back of the rim of a basketball net, the bottom right or left corner of the soccer net, the bull’s-eye on a target, or a catcher’s mitt. As you perform the skill in your mind’s eye, shift your focus to this external cue as you perform the skill.


Concentration, focus, visualization


Can be used in all environments: field, court, pool, snow, ice, gym.