Coaching Association of Canada

Tunnel Town

Stage of Activity 



Tables or structures to create tunnels

Mats for floor of tunnel

Beanbags or other objects to retrieve


10-15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Set up a circular locomotor course 60 to 150m long with 3-4 sets of tunnels along the route (low enough that athletes have to crawl through).

*Place mats under three adjacent folding tables for easy tunnels.

Athletes make teams of 2 to 3 (though everyone will be moving at all times).

Halfway around the course, place a box or basket of beanbags.

Start 50-100m away from the course.

Athletes spin (vestibular activation) or assume a core position (e.g. plank).

On “GO” they run toward the course, and start completing laps of the course.

They retrieve ONE beanbag each lap and bring it back to their team’s homebase cone. The game continues until all beanbags are gone.

Repeat in reverse, returning all beanbags to the bucket.


Cross lateral activation (crawling, creeping), FMS (fundamental movement skills), vertical movement variation, speed, endurance, teamwork


Create longer tunnels for more focus on cross lateral activation.
Make all tunnels “backwards” areas where athletes have to crawl backwards.