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Triathlon Canada offers the following NCCP workshops:

The Community coach wants to help new athletes and support age group club athletes by teaching basic triathlon skills and introduction to events. The Community coach is focussed on safe participation, teaching skills, and fun.

Triathlon Youth Community Coach: This workshop is appropriate for those who want to coach children and youth under 16 in triathlon. The practical and applied training will integrate the sport’s values into physical training and teach coaches the 3F’s of coaching children (fun, form, fitness) while educating them in physical literacy and the sport’s various techniques.

Triathlon Adult Community Coach: This workshop is for both beginner and experienced coaches who are currently coaching, or intend to coach age group athletes 16 and older. Through this two-day workshop, coaches will learn how to coach and teach basic triathlon skills, how to plan safe and engaging practices, and how to support triathletes to participate safely at events.

*Please note: You must be 16 to take either of these workshops.

The purpose of the Competition coach program is to train and support learning for Triathlon Canada's coaches who are coaching junior development, junior elite, and elite/U23 triathletes. The Competition context in triathlon is intense and focussed on best practices in coaching as the Competition coach plays a critical role in the lives of triathletes during an important phase of their physical and emotional development. Coaches in this context are highly involved in the daily training environment and yearly training and performance plan management of athletes who may choose to follow a high performance path as they transition into becoming invested in their careers in triathlon. These coaches must also have a comprehensive understanding of high performance and the high performance/podium pathway in Canada and the ITU.

The Competition coach context and training relies on a combination of NCCP Training, practical experience through planning for and coaching competition development athletes and working with a mentor/evaluator to facilitate continual learning, self-reflection and communication.

*Please note: You must be 18 to enter this pathway

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