Coaching Association of Canada

Towel Tug-O-War (Adaptation of Moose Skin Drag by Fort Yukon Youth)

Stage of Activity 



4-5 old towels
Cones for start / finish (if needed)


5-10 minutes

Number of People

5 per game 

How it Works

Towels are placed longways, equidistance between two cones (10-15m apart).
One person sits on the middle of the towel (or lies on their stomach sideways on the towel, holding legs in the air).

Two players (same team) grab the corners of one end of the towel.

The other two players (other team) grab the last two corners.

On “GO” the two teams try to drag the towel and player toward the cone on their side, while the other team tries to do the opposite.

Rotate roles when a team wins OR after 30-45 sec. (whichever comes first)


Strength, teamwork, core stability, balance


Use a folded sheet or piece of strong canvas (e.g. burlap sacks) instead of a towel

Two people pull on one side while only one person tries to slow them down or resist on the other side (making it more of a “pull” rather than a tug-o-war).