Coaching Association of Canada

To Wepi Cikan (adapted from Saskatchewan Indigenous slingshot game)

Stage of Activity 



Socks with tennis or plush ball tied inside at the toe


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Traditionally this activity was played with rawhide, swung overhead and then thrown as far as possible. This version is modified.

Athletes complete activity in pairs.
Designate a starting line.
One athlete lines up, swings sock overhead and then throws it as far as possible. Both athletes run to the sock, and the second athlete throws from the landing position.
The goal is to complete a designated distance (e.g. length of a field) in the least number of throws.
Once athletes reach the end or goal line, they run back and repeat the activity, trying to reduce the number of throws.


Throwing, spinning, running, teamwork 


Line up players along the edge of the field and all throw at one time, trying to get their sock the furthest.