Coaching Association of Canada

Tips from Pan Am Games Coaches

Canada’s top coaches have converged on Toronto for the 2015 Pan Am Games and have contributed to a performance like non other! We’ve collected some of the top tips these coaches have to offer!


"Enjoy the ride! We all started sport because it was fun and that's what kept us doing what we do. If we lose the passion and fun factor, then we lose the essential element of why we became successful in the first place."
- Ken Cools, ChPC (Cycling - BMX)


"Be proud of the small successes and achievements of your athletes - acknowledge them as they arrive."
- Sue Swaine, ChPC (Racquetball) 


"Once you've got your end goal in mind, plan you path and make realistic goals along the way. Never ask for results beyond the abilities of your athletes." - Mark Asquith, ChPC (Sailing)


"Let the game be the teacher. Work hard to be a creative coach; create games that allow players to develop their understanding through playing the game and solving problems. Create training sessions where you spend less time talking and explaining, and the players spend more time playing the sport and exploring ways to become more successful."
- Simon Eaddy, ChPC (Soccer)


"Deliver your knowledge and experience respectfully and patiently. In turn, athletes will respect you and be more open to your teachings. Enjoy and appreciate the moments of learning."
- Aaron Dziver, ChPC (Diving)



"As a coach, remember, you are there to make theathlete experience better. The journey is theirs. Your job is to help and encourage, let them become all they can and beware of your own ego."
- Ram Nayyar, ChPC (Badminton)


"A perfect dose of stress, and good preparation can give the athlete the confidence required to perform exceptionally!" - Lyne Piché, ChPC (Synchronized Swimming)



"It's important to always try to apply what we learned. Every detail is important."
- Stéphane Berteau, ChPC (Handball)



"Every day we should be humble and keep learning without ever thinking we've arrived." - Roberto Brogin, ChPC (Tennis)




 "Work more on the basics, and compete less." - Michael Murray (Roller Sports)