Coaching Association of Canada

Throwing – Stage 1

Stage of Activity

Active - Start, FUNdamentals 


Bean bags, balls


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Start with “Throw over a Line”. Have children throw a small ball or bean bag a certain distance Work on fundamentals; once children know the fundamentals, move to the next game, “Ball or Bean Bag in Bucket.”

One ball per child (bean bag for very young children), one bucket per 3-4 children. Children stand a little over a metre from the bucket and toss the ball in using: An underhand throw; an overhand throw. Children compete to see how many throws they can get in the bucket. Once they succeed at one distance, children move a little farther away and try again to get the ball in the bucket


Teaches FUNdamentals of throwing, keeping athlete’s head and eyes up.


Can be used in all environments: field, court, pool, snow, ice, gym.