Coaching Association of Canada

The Switch Up

Stage of Activity 



10 plastic half cones, 12 Tennis Balls


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

The Coach will spit the participants into two teams. The coach will place 5 cones down the playing surface in a zig zag pattern (shown in the diagram below). Each plastic cone will have a tennis ball on it. Each team will have one extra tennis ball. The participants will line up behind the first cone. When the coach says go the first person from each team will run and switch the tennis ball from the first cone with the one that they have. The ball must stay on the cone or participant must run back and replace it before going to the next cone. After switching the balls, the player run to the next cone and switches the ball in the cone with the ball in their hand. Once they have switched all of the balls, they will pivot and run backwards to their teammates. The player hands the tennis ball to the next player and sits down, the next person in line receives the ball they will then go through the course. This continues until all players from one team has completed the course. The team to have all players sitting first wins.


This activity will develop the participant’s agility, hand-eye coordination, and pivot. 


This activity can be played on a court, ice, field and gym.