Coaching Association of Canada

The Coaching Association of Canada and IG Wealth Management honour Community Coach Developer, Sylvie Béliveau

For over 20 years, IG Wealth Management has been proud to partner with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to recognize community leaders in sport. Coaches work with their athletes to give them the tools and skills they need to achieve their athletic dreams – in the same way that IG Wealth Management works with their clients to give them the plan and the confidence they need to achieve their financial goals.

Through the Community NCCP Coach Developer Award, IG Wealth Management and the CAC will honour 10 outstanding individuals who went above and beyond to develop certified and trained NCCP coaches in their communities. Sylvie Béliveau is one of the 2018 recipients and was recently presented with her award at the Quebec Soccer Federation annual awards night.

Sylvie Béliveau is a driving force behind coach education, and she embodies the value and spirit of the National Coaching Certification Program. Having worked tirelessly over decades to support the development, training, and certification of soccer coaches from across Canada through the NCCP, Sylvie has become an essential figure in the re-integration of soccer-specific workshops into the NCCP framework. She has trained upwards of 100 coach developers through more than 30 workshops in every province, a feat that makes her directly responsible for training the vast majority of coach developers within the Canada Soccer coach-licensing stream.

In particular, Sylvie’s work has positively influenced women and girls in sport through the development of mentorship programs for female coaches. Through her work, coaches across Canada are empowered with the expertise to provide an excellent training and competition environment for female athletes. She is a champion of soccer and sport for all through her community involvement with Égale Action. Currently, Sylvie is also leading the development of the first-ever Canada Soccer Youth License.

Driven by the belief that every player deserves a trained and certified coach, Sylvie has worked within coach education on behalf of Canada Soccer and in support of many other like-minded organizations. She truly is a shining example of the spirit of the NCCP.

The CAC is proud to honour Sylvie Béliveau with a 2018 IG Wealth Management Community NCCP Coach Developer Award.

More information about the IG Wealth Management NCCP Coach Developer Award and other Coaching Association of Canada awards can be found on our Awards & Recognition page.


Sylvie Béliveau receives the IG Wealth Management Community NCCP Coach Developer Award at the Quebec Soccer Federation award ceremony.