Coaching Association of Canada

Team Bridges

Stage of Activity 



2 mats* per team
*Each mat must be large enough for all team members to stand on


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Place mats along a start line (field, gym, etc.) with one touching the start line and the second mat behind the first one and connected to it.
Teams stand on the front mat.
On “GO”, teams lift the back mat OVER their heads, connect it to the edge of the mat they are standing on, and then move onto the new mat.
Once all team members are on the new mat, they reach back and pass the original mat over their heads, and repeat the activity.
Continue until the team has reached the finish line (bridged the playing area).


Team building, balance, coordination, body awareness (kinesthesia)


In different environments, mats may be slid around the first mat instead of lifted overhead.