Coaching Association of Canada

Tasje Sharron

Hometown: Shellbrook, SK

Sport: Figure Skatin

Current role in sport: Coach

List your current NCCP Training/certification:

  • National Coach Trained status
  • CanPowerskate Certified

Current occupation: Professional Coach

Education: Massage Therapy diploma and Healthcare documentation specialiust

Coaching History: Coaching seemed a natural transition from being an athlete. I enjoy working with people and from there my interest in coaching increased. I had positive, encouraging coaches from other sports I played growing up. I consistently strive to be the type of coach that I looked up to as a young athlete.

Currently Coaching: During the winter season, I coach children from the ages 3-16 in our CanSkate, STARSkate, Competitiveskate and CanPowerSkate programs.

Fun Fact: I taught myself to arm knit scarves.

What you do with your free time: I love to walk my dog Porkie.