Coaching Association of Canada

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Canada offers the following NCCP workshops:

Active Start: As a first-time coach, you can take this 4-to 6-hour workshop designed to help you teach basic table tennis skills and physical literacy to children and youth. There is no need for any experience in coaching as you will learn how to run a fun and safe practice, how to effectively communicate with your athletes, and how to teach the importance of ethics, teamwork, and values in the sport.

Introduction to Competition: Tailored for coaches that wish to work with athletes aged 18 and above, this course focuses on teaching advanced coaching practices and theories. Over the course of 2 days, you will learn tactics and techniques, basic sport psychology, as well as learn how to build training plans and analyze skills, through a series of in-class, in-gym, and outdoor sessions.

Competition-Development: This 32-hour workshop is designed for an advanced coach, with relative experience in coaching competitive athletes (U15-U30), in Table Tennis. Coaches will learn:

  1. How to make a yearly training plan for a high-performance athlete in Table Tennis
  2. How to create preparation and recovery plans
  3. How to better prepare athlete/s for important competitions
  4. How to design an advanced practice plan
  5. How to design individual training plans and sessions for specific needs based on the athlete’s goals

A coach MUST be Base Certified in the Competition-Introduction program, prior to registering.

To see when these clinics are being offered in your region, please contact your provincial table tennis association.

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