Coaching Association of Canada


Swimming Canada offers the following NCCP workshops. 

Community Sport Coach: Designed for coaches 15+ years of age who are teaching the swimming basics to entry level, non-competitive swimmers in a Swimming Canada Club or Summer Club. The Community Coach training will focus on coaching swimmers in the Fundamentals stage of long term swimmer development. The workshop duration is usually 1 full day and includes both classroom work and pool session.

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Fundamentals Coach (Swimming 101): Designed for coaches 16+ years of age preparing entry level competitive swimmers for local and / or regional competitions at the Fundamentals and Learn to Train stages of LTAD. This workshop will focus on understanding basic stroke, start, and turn mechanics in order to develop sound practice plans and multi-week session plans. Coaches will also be introduced to LTAD, teaching methods, and rules. The workshop is usually held over 2.5 – 3 days and includes both classroom work and pool sessions.

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Age Group Coach (Swimming 201): Designed for coaches 18+ years of age preparing developing competitive swimmers for Provincial and/or Canadian Junior Championships at the Train to Train stage of LTAD. Over 2.5 – 3 days of in-class and pool sessions, the coach will develop a seasonal training plan through a more in-depth analysis of swimming skills, athletic abilities, and practice planning.

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Senior Coach (Swimming 301): Designed for coaches 20+ years of age preparing developing competitive swimmers for Eastern or Western Championships, Canadian Junior Championships, CIS University Championship and Senior National competitions. With the primary focus of this 4 day workshop being the development of a Yearly Training Plan, it is best suited to coaches with extensive experience (300+ hours) who work with university, national age group, or senior national level swimmers.

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