Coaching Association of Canada

Strategic Imperative 1

Sustainable Coach Education

Strategic Goals:


  • A cutting-edge curriculum that promotes coaching excellence


  • Implement and continuously monitor and improve delivery systems of the highest quality that are recognized by key partners
  • Well-supported, well trained resources at every step of NCCP delivery
  • A simple, accessible coaching curriculum


  • Easy access to excellent education programs that impact many Canadians

Strategic Imperative 2

Coaching Leadership

Strategic Goals:

  • A widely recognized Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct which promotes professional standards
  • NCCP Training and Certification programs which are valued by coaches, athletes, families and communities
  • A collaborative approach to fulfilling CAC Federal Provincial/Territorial Mandate

Strategic Imperative 3

Coaching Profession

Strategic Goals:

  • ChPC is the recognized designation for professional coaches in Canada
  • An effective risk management protocol to oversee licensed professional coaches which helps to protect the integrity of the sport
  • Meaningful professional services to licensed professional coaches to enhance capacity

Strategic Imperative 4

Organizational Excellence

Strategic Goals:

  • A strong profile for the CAC Brands
  • Optimize use of external resources available for coaching development
  • Ongoing review processes to maximize operational efficiencies
  • Excellent volunteer and staff leadership with many opportunities for contribution
  • Be recognized by the sport community as an effective leader in the Canadian sport system