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Sport specific

  • Hockey Nutrition for Champions

    Since hockey is an anaerobic, power-based sport with high intensity, short shifts on the ice, the primary source of fuel for these efforts is carbohydrates. Hayley tends to get the bulk of her carbohydrates from foods such as: quinoa, sweet potatoes, vegetable juices, fresh fruit, and steel cut oats. [ more ]

  • Quick and simple tips to fuel your athlete in the pool

    How much fluid do swimmers need? What should swimmers eat after training? Find out why proper nutrition and hydration during meets is so important! [ more ]

  • Tournament Tips

    On multi-event/multi-training days, nutrition provides sustained energy, physical comfort, absence of hunger; and mental focus for best technique and skill execution. [ more ]

  • Fuel up for the Soccer Field!

    Soccer players use both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems during a typical match because of the distances they run, interspersed with sprints and changing direction. Fueling up properly before games and practices is critical for optimal performance. [ more ]

  • Shoot for Proper Nutrition On the Ice and Score Big!

    Proper nutrition for hockey provides sustained energy, mental focus for best technique and skill execution, adequate hydration, and adequate energy and nutrients for recovery. [ more ]

  • Nutrition for Cold Weather Sports

    Special attention to adequate fuel and fluids is imperative in cold weather sports. Athletes participating in sports involving multiple training or competition runs (alpine and freestyle skiing, snowboarding, sledding, etc.) need to make a special effort to hydrate. [ more ]