Coaching Association of Canada

Speed Skating

Speed Skating Canada offers the following NCCP workshops.

FUNdamentals Leader: The FUNdamentals Leader workshop is intended for active skaters and parents looking to work as assistant coaches for Learn to Skate, Learn to Speed Skate and introductory speed skating programs. Over the course of one day, attendees will be equipped with the necessary tools to work with a small group of skaters teaching basic skating skills in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment.

Introduction to Competition: This workshop is focused on providing coaches with the tools necessary to support athletes in training and competition in the Learning to Train and Training to Train stages of development, with an emphasis on technical development and seasonal and practice program design. Topics covered over the course of two weekends include: introduction to biomechanics and basic race tactics, basic seasonal training programs and designing practice plans, as well as further exploration of the development of basic mental skills, sport nutrition, and equipment.

FUNdamentals Coach: The FUNdamentals Coach workshop is intended for individuals who wish to assume the role of lead instructor/head coach for Learn to Speed Skate and introductory speed skating programs which are primarily focused on skill development with skaters participating only in local/regional competitions. Normally delivered over two weekends, this in-class and on-ice workshop will provide instructors/coaches with foundational knowledge and understanding of speed skating technique, equipment, and practice planning in order to be able to design and lead an effective Learn to Speed Skate and/or introductory speed skating program focused on skill development and fundamental movement skills.

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