Coaching Association of Canada

Soccer Ball Horse Shoes

Stage of Activity 



1 soccer ball per pair, 2 cones per pair 


5 - 15 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Place cones approximately 15-20m apart and have one player stand at each cone facing their partner, as you would in horseshoes. One player starts with the ball and chips the ball towards their partner’s cone. Their partner then gets one touch on the ball before it touches the ground to try and put it as close to the cone as possible. This game is often played pair against pair and in this case, whichever ball was closest would be the winning ball. 


Kicking, ball control


Try it in a ladder tournament format to add competition. Can be used in many different environments using different sport-specific skills – for example, on an ice rink players could pass the puck across the field of play and the player at the opposite cone could have one-touch to redirect the puck to the cone.