Coaching Association of Canada

Snap Crackle Pop

Stage of Activity 



Bean Bags


10 - 15 minutes

Number of People

Maximum of 30 - Teams of 3

How it Works

In groups of 3 the participants will decide who is Snap, Crackle and Pop. Place bags in the middle of the group with one less beanbag than the total number of groups. The groups will form a circle around the bean bags and the teammates will sit in order (snap, crackle, pop). The coach will yell either snap, crackle or pop. The person called must stand up and run around the circle and back to their group. The other 2 teammates will make a bridge with their arms that the player called must run through before grabbing a beanbag. The team who doesn’t grab a bean bag is eliminated.


Great for warm-up. This activity works on agility, and awareness. 


Can be played on all environments: court, snow, ice, and court/gym.