Coaching Association of Canada

Show Me the Money!

Stage of Activity 



Variable (depending on sport and activities chosen)


5-10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Coach chooses a variety of exercises for warm-up and assigns each a monetary value. Coaches tell athletes how much warm-up is worth (e.g. $20) and athletes complete their choice of exercises that total $20.

*Usually there is a rule that states athletes can repeat an exercise only if they have done one or more different exercises in between.

The coach reads the sport and the athletes perform or demo the sport in slow motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Personal choice, warm-up, fundamental movement skills, sport-specific skills


Exercises can be given different values depending on their importance to that part of practice to educate athletes about what elements are required at different times during training.
Coaches may ask that athletes complete one of each exercise before choosing their own exercises.