Coaching Association of Canada


Shooting Federation of Canada offers the following NCCP workshops:

Target shooting

Competition Development (Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun): This workshop is for coaches with athletes in the train to compete stage of the long-term development model or coaches with athletes with 4-9+ years of sport experience. 

The two workshops (approximately ten hours each) will help coaches address challenges faced when analyzing performance and to train their athletes to the national level and beyond. The workshops will be held in a classroom and sport specific shooting venue.

Additionally coaches will learn the following:

  • To detect and analyze technical shooting elements that have to be corrected, improved or refined to enhance shooting performance and/or to prevent injuries.
  • To identify competition-specific factors that impact shooting performance for qualification rounds, finals, specialisations, and or Athletes with a Disability. 
  • Before enrolling coaches must comply with the following pre-requisites:

    - Must be coaching competitive shooters
    - Must be recommended by the recognized PTSO or sport authority
    - Pass the SFC knowledge entrance test
    - Submit two coach portfolios
    - Complete an in-practice and an in-competition evaluation
    - Must have completed Make Ethical Decisions (MED) module
    - Must have completed Planning a Practice
    - Must have completed Design a Basic Sport Program

  • Before enrolling coaches must possess the following NCCP certifications: 

    - Leading drug free sport
    - Coaching and leading effectively
    - Managing conflict
    - Manage a sport program
    - Psychology of performance
    - Developing athletic abilities
    - Prevention and recovery
    - Performance planning
    - Advanced practice planning


Instructor Beginner (Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun): This workshop is for coaches working with participants experiencing the sport for the first time. There is no formalised competition at this level; it is about skill development. This workshop provides general information about safety and instruction using firearms. Separate modules are available for the three focus disciplines of Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun.

The workshop will be conducted in class over the span of two days.

Coaches will learn:

  • To develop the beginner`s technical discipline specific shooting skills
  • To critically analyze the shooter`s position
  • To effectively implement corrections
  • To assist individuals in adopting traits and qualities that contributes to character.

Coaches must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Must have completed Plan a Practice module
  • Must have completed Nutrition module
  • An evaluation demonstrating your ability to instruct an athlete.

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