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Sheila Robertson Award

The Sheila Robertson Award recognizes the outstanding contributions to coach education, recognition, and professional development by a National Sport Organization (NSO) or Multisport Service Organization (MSO). The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) annually awards the Sheila Robertson Award to an NSO or MSO which consistently demonstrates its value of coaching through its organizational mandate, and communications activities throughout the year to its internal and external audiences. 

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2019 Award Recipient

Canadian Lacrosse Association

Canadian Lacrosse Association

The Canadian Lacrosse Association’s (CLA) mission is to promote, develop, and preserve the sport of lacrosse and its heritage as Canada’s national sport. In support of this mission, the Canadian Lacrosse Association has done significant work to strengthen lacrosse coaching education across Canada.

In the fall of 2018, Lacrosse’s National Coaching Certification Program went through a detailed redesign. New NCCP Learning Facilitators and Coach Evaluators were trained to deliver the updated materials to increase capacity, resulting in more lacrosse coaches gaining their NCCP Certified Coach status.

In the past year, nine new NCCP Master Coach Developers were trained to deliver NCCP Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator training, ensuring qualified representation across Canada The Canadian Lacrosse Association has shown a strong commitment to inclusivity by increasing the opportunities to participate in the sport through unique programs

To increase access to the sport, the CLA is piloting wheelchair lacrosse in BC. Additionally, Lacrosse Canada hosted more than 25 Indigenous coaching and player clinics in the past year in Indigenous communities and in remote areas throughout the country.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association’s efforts to strengthen their coaching program have greatly improved the quality of the sport in Canada. With highly trained and ethical coaches, well-organized competitions, and continual player development, lacrosse continues to offer a safe and quality sport experience for all participants. 

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