Coaching Association of Canada

Shawn Kanungo

Innovation Leader, Deloitte Digital

Topic: How to Survive in the Millennial Revolution

Consumer expectations have been on an exponential pace driven by the “millennial mindset” of today’s consumers. Today’s millennials are forcing organizations and brands to adapt and evolve. With companies scaling to billion dollar organizations overnight, social influencers becoming more powerful than Hollywood titans, e-sports becoming larger than traditional sports, digital media brands displacing long-standing publishing companies, is this Armageddon? How do we survive? Most organizations are failing miserably at keeping up with the pace of change. Today, we need to be bold, brave and experimental. We can only keep up if we foster a relentless culture that promotes human-centered design and rapid experimentation. This is our only competitive advantage.

Shawn Kanungo is a strategist and sought-after keynote speaker. Over the past 11 years with Deloitte, he has been recognized nationally and globally for his work in the innovation space. Shawn works with corporate executives to better understand and plan for the opportunities and threats associated with disruptive innovation. He is on the ground floor helping private and public sector organizations adopt new technologies and business models for the digital age.

Shawn shares his hands-on experiences through talks around the world to help leaders navigate change within a digital era. He has also spoken at TEDxin 2017. In 2016, he was recognized as Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40. He has been featured in Forbes, The Globe & Mail, The Guardian, CBC and CTV.