Coaching Association of Canada

Sharks and Minnows

Stage of Activity 



1 Ball/Puck per participant


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

The coach will section off a part of the ice/gym. Each participant will have a puck/ball and will be stickhandling/dribbling in the designated space. The coach will choose one person to be the “shark”. The shark will not have a puck/ball and will be going around trying to hit the other participant’s pucks/balls away. If the shark hits one of the participant’s puck/ball out of the designated zone, the participant will also become a shark. The last participant with a puck/ball is the winner.


This activity will develop the participant’s awareness, hand-eye coordination, and running/skating skills.


This activity can be played on ice, a court, field or gym.