Coaching Association of Canada

Save the Animals

Stage of Activity 



50-60 small, plastic animals OR item that represents animals
Variety of cones (different sizes)
Mats (if available)
2 boxes or hula hoops


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Place all animals in a box or hula hoop at the far end of the playing area.
Set up an obstacle course leading up to the box on one side of the playing area and returning from the box on the other side of the playing area.
Example obstacle ideas: zig-zag rows (cones), rows of 3-4 cones to jump / leap over, and mats to tumble on OR jump over.
On “GO” athletes try to “save” all the animals in a designated time (e.g. 2-3 minutes).
They are ONLY allowed to ‘save’ one animal at a time.
Athletes run up one side of the obstacle, grab an animal, return along the other side and put the animal in the other box or hula hoop.
The game continues until all animals are “saved”.



Speed, agility, locomotor skills (run, jump, leap, spin), body awareness (kinesthesia), tumbling (if mats are used), endurance


Repeat activity to return all animals to their original home.
*Try to complete this in a faster time than the first activity.