Coaching Association of Canada

Ruby Tang

Name: Ruby Tang 

Calgary, AB. 


Current role in sport:
Coach and Program Coordinator.
Do you have a mentor:
Yes, Charlie Tu (Dive Calgary’s Head Coach).

List your current NCCP training/certification: 
Level 2 Diving Coach (Comp-Int), Learning Facilitator – in training.

Current Occupation: 
Coach and Program Coordinator.

Currently studying at Mount Royal University, Major in Sport and Recreation Management with a Minor in Business.

Coaching History:
I came to Canada to study, in hopes that I can continue to dive. But I cannot commit to the hours without help, as I came to Canada alone. Instead, I switched to coaching because I am not ready to leave the sport. A turning point was when Charlie asked me to help with Dive Calgary.

Are you currently coaching?
Yes, recreation groups, aged 6-12.

Share a fun fact about yourself:
I was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong and returned to Canada when I was 15.

What do you do on your free time?
Play board games with friends and PS4.