Coaching Association of Canada

Richard Monette B.SC., B.ED., M.A.

Richard Monette’s talents span the disciplines of business, education and sport psychology, all of which are linked by his passion for improving human achievement and fulfillment.

In his career spanning over 25 years, Richard has demonstrated an ability to generate creative and applied solutions in business, athletics and education.

Richard is the managing Director and Editor in Chief of “Active for Life”, a world-leading initiative dedicated to engaging the grassroots in developing physical literacy in children.

As well, Richard is an integral part of the leadership team at B2ten, a privately funded organization that supports elite Canadian athletes in achieving success on the world stage.

Richard is a sport psychology consultant to Olympic and professional athletes, and consults with business leaders on the value of being purposeful.


Multi-sport Panel - Session Description: Is there a Future for Multi-Sport in Canada?

The research is clear - multi-sport participation in the early stages leads to higher retention, less injuries and better performance at the higher level of competition. Yet, parents report that it is extremely challenging, if not impossible to find programs and coaches that encourage multi-sport participation. If multi-sport is better for kid, why is early specialization on the rise? Parents point to sport organizations while organized sport point to parents.

This interactive session will highlight concrete actions, promising practices and provide a forum to discuss. Speakers will share examples of where multi-sport initiatives are getting traction at the community level. Delegates will have the opportunity to share ideas on how to advance grassroots programming to include multi-sport opportunities as the new normal for youth sport. As a take away, all participants will leave the session with a “multi-sport challenge” to initiate a dialogue with stakeholders and partners at the community sport level.