Coaching Association of Canada

Reminder - NCCP Minimum Age Policy

Dear partners,

Please note that a number of NCCP events with participants under the age of 16 years old have been submitted to the CAC for approval. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight key points of the NCCP Policy on Minimum Age.

The NCCP Policy on Minimum Age states that:

  • Persons younger than 16, and older than 14, may enrol in and complete NCCP or NCCP qualifying education opportunities; where:
    • The CAC has approved an NSO’s application that specifies that the NSO:
      • Plans to offer NCCP or NCCP qualifying development opportunities to persons younger than 16 years of age;
      • Agrees to provide these opportunities within the framework of the NCCP;
      • Agrees to submit and maintain the records on the NCCP Database
    • The provincial/territorial government or designated delivery agency authorizes enrolment in multi-sport modules.

If a partner chooses to sign the NCCP Declaration for U16 Coach Education, the implementation date can be no less than 60 days from the date of submission to the CAC.

In accordance with this policy, coaches under the age of 16 years old who attend NCCP events will not receive credit unless the NSO has signed the above declaration. An NSO choosing to submit the NCCP Declaration for U16 Coach Education must wait a minimum of 60 days before training 14 or 15 year old coaches.

For more information, please contact your CAC Coaching Consultant.