Coaching Association of Canada

Reinvestment Fees Webinar

As promised in the letter sent last week by the CAC’s CEO Lorraine Lafrenière, we are confirming the following details for two Webinar sessions being offered to all NSO and PTCR partners.

Please choose the date that works best for you:

Session 1: January 27th at 11am EST
Session 2: February 7th at 11am EST


  • Discussion on a more collaborative approach to completing the NCCP transition
  • New simplified funding policy for NSOs
  • Reinvestment fees: final update and Q&A
  • Linkage of reinvestment fee and support to sport funding for NSOs

To connect:

Visual connection through Adobe:

Audio connection through your phone:

Dial in: 1-866-830-9436
Access Code: 7896717