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In Canada, coaches can earn the Chartered Professional Coach® (ChPC®) designation or Registered Coach license. The designation or license tells employers, athletes, and parents that you are committed to excellence.

What is the Difference Between the ChPC and a Registered Coach?

The ChPC is a professional designation that has requirements in three areas: education, experience, and ethics. The Registered Coach is a license that includes ONLY the ethics requirements, which are:

Attaining the designation or license is a coach development choice; however, it is a mandatory requirement by Sport Canada for a coach to have a ChPC designation to coach at a Major Games. Some National Sport Organization (NSO) require ChPC for coaches at National Championships.


Am I Eligible to Obtain a Registered Coach License?

There are two eligibility requirements to obtain a Registered Coach license.

ChPC & Registered Coach Ethical Conduct Declaration
ChPC & Registered Coach Fees

How do I Obtain a Registered Coach License?

Step 1: Submit a recent and valid Criminal Record Check and two references. References are accepted from your National Sport Organization (NSO), Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO), Local Sport Organization (LSO), or a ChPC in good standing.
Step 2: Complete the online application that resides in the Locker
Step 3: Sign the CAC Code of Conduct, declare your ethical conduct, and sign the agreement


What Other Benefits Come with a Registered Coach License?

Besides marking yourself as an ethical coach, and connecting with other professional coaches, a Registered Coach license offers you access to valuable benefits such as professional insurance, extended health and dental benefits, access to legal support, and more.


How Do I Find Out More About a Registered Coach License?

The most common questions asked are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pages, which we invite you to read. We also welcome aspiring Registered Coaches and ChPCs to let us guide you through the application process. Please fill in the following form so that we can follow up with you.

FAQs for Aspiring ChPCs and Registered Coaches
FAQs for Registered Coaches
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