Coaching Association of Canada


Stage of Activity 

All; Learn to Train for the cycling version


Minimum: 1 ball per team
Other: sport-specific equipment, e.g. sticks, bikes, poles, bats, 1/2 pool noodles


5 - 20 minutes

Number of People

2 or more per team

How it Works

This description is a modification of the game played by the Tarahumara (Rarámuri) people from the Copper Canyon region in Mexico. Traditionally, the game is played over rough terrain for tens or hundreds of kilometers.

Set out a cross-country style run course 200 metres to 800 metres in length.
Athletes work in teams to move an implement around the course. They MUST take turns moving the implement. For example, in a team of three, Athlete 1 hits the ball, and then the team chases it. Athlete 2 then hits it, and the team chases it. Finally, Athlete 3 hits it, they chase, and the turn rotates back to Athlete 1. This continues until the team has covered a predetermined distance or time.

*Depending on the sport, athletes may hit, throw, kick, or use other skills to move the implement around the course.


Warm-up, aerobic endurance, sport-specific manipulative skills, consolidation or cool-down.


Modify locomotor movement: swim, wheel, ski, skate, run, roll, etc.
Use in all environments: field, court, pool, snow, ice, gym.


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