Coaching Association of Canada


Racquetball Canada offers the following NCCP workshops.

Community Coach: Designed for community racquetball coaches, this in-class and on-court workshop will prepare you to teach basic racquetball techniques to athletes age six and over using pre-designed practice plans that you will learn to modify based on skill level.

Competition Introduction: During this 14-hour in-class and on-court workshop, coaches will learn how to detect, correct, and improve the racquetball skills and strategies of their athletes in the Learn to Train and Train to Train stages of LTAD. Coaches will also learn to express their own coaching philosophy while discovering the five core competencies that will make them a more effective coach.

Completion of Make Ethical Decisions and Planning a Practice through multi-sport delivery is also required.

Competition-Development: This workshop is designed for coaches working with junior athletes playing at the junior provincial, junior national, and junior world levels and high performance athletes playing provincial and national selection events and national championships. During the workshop, coaches will focus on advanced planning sessions such as yearly plans to help athletes peak at the right time, and training camp plans. Coaches will also learn advanced error detection and correction. This 24-hour workshop takes place over two, three-full day weekends, or on a Saturday over 5 to 6 weekends and is held both in a classroom and on the court. The following multi-sport modules are also required in order to become certified:

  • Managing Conflict and online evaluation
  • Coaching and Leading Effectively
  • Psychology of Performance
  • Prevention and Recovery
  • Developing Athletes Abilities
  • Leading Drug-free Sport and online evaluation
  • Make Ethical Decisions and online evaluation - Competition – Development
  • Planning a Practice
  • Design a Basic Sport Program

For more information on Racquetball Canada’s NCCP workshops, please click here.