Coaching Association of Canada

Rachael McIntosh

Canadian Heptathlete

Topic: Millennial Mindset

Jump into an upbeat and informative step class with Canadian Heptathlete Rachael McIntosh.

As a twenty-six year old living and training in a world where millennials are often frowned upon for their job-hopping and impatience, Rachael will get your blood pumping and deliver a thought provoking outlook on the millennial mindset.

Exploring the importance of trust, and the negative impacts of micromanaging, this fun, sweaty conversation is meant to help better understand the booming generation of young people joining and taking over the work force.

Rachael McIntosh is a Nova Scotian Heptathlete and member of Canada's Next Gen program in Track and Field. With a Fine Art Degree from The University of Calgary, she has a very curious, visual and creative approach to life and sport.

Through the challenges of injuries, minimal funding and a competitive field in Canada, Rachael has thrived and remained inspired, upbeat and motivated to not only achieve her dreams, but to also help others realize and achieve theirs. By volunteering with organizations like Fast and Female, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, she is committed to growing the younger generation and keeping girls involved in sports at all ages.

Raised by two teachers in a family of six, people are Rachael's Passion. As she trains and competes, Rachael is simultaneously exploring career paths that need the same energy and passion devoted to inspiring and helping the community around her.