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Questions to Consider When Putting Together a Seasonal Plan

If you’ve ever planned a season for a team or group of athletes, you know it’s not an easy task. It’s easy to get overwhelmed between wondering if they’ve played together before, taking into account Long-term Athlete Development principles, scheduling around school obligations, and an infinite number of other variables.

Set yourself up for success!

Below are six common questions you'll likely ask yourself when planning your season. Click on the questions to reveal factors you'll want to consider when answering these questions. Download this table as a checklist to be better prepared for when you sit down and plan your season.

  • What training methods should be used during the different periods in the program? (click for more)

    • Type of activities and drills
    • Training methods and protocols (amount of work and intensity)
    • Practice conditions
    • Type of practice
    • Progressions
  • Who are the athletes? (click for more)

    • Age
    • Sex
    • General athletic background and experience in sport
    • Performance and skill level
    • Number
    • Athletes know each other or not
  • What athletic qualities need to be developed in my sport? (click for more)

    • Physical
    • Motor
    • Technical
    • Tactical/decision-making
    • Mental

    Our Seasonal Plan


  • What should my program seek to achieve as far as long-term development of the athletes is concerned? (click for more)

    • Aspects to prioritize in the program in order to promote long-term development of the athletes
    • Particular needs of the athletes at this stage of their development, considering their age and sport background
  • Training priorities during the different periods of my program: (click for more)

    • Training and performance objectives
    • Time available to achieve these objectives
    • Athletic abilities to emphasize at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the program
    • Time needed to achieve specific training effects
    • Time that can be devoted to other types of activities
    • Problems or limitations which may influence what can be done
  • What are the events, dates, and locations I must consider in my program? (click for more)

    • Registration
    • Reservations (facilities, transportation, accommodation)
    • Purchase of equipment
    • Beginning and end of the program, breaks
    • Practice sessions (schedule, place, frequency)
    • Selection of athletes
    • Preparatory competitions, regular competition, major competitions, play-offs, tournaments, championships (schedule, location)
    • Information sessions
    • Fund-raising
    • Social events
  • Want more information on how to effectively plan your season? The Design a Basic Sport Program module, part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)Multi-sport module series for coaches, will provide you with additional knowledge! Contact your Provincial or Territorial Coaching Representative for more details!