Coaching Association of Canada

Professional Coaching Services

Exclusive services to ChPCs and Registered Coaches

Chartered Professional Coaches (ChPCs) and Registered Coaches have access to exclusive services and benefits. They include:

  • Free legal advice - Initial 30-Minute Consultation

    If you require legal advice pertaining to your coaching activities, including contract review or other dispute, contact the office at 613-235-5000, ext. 2387, or email We will connect you with a lawyer and pay for your initial 30-minute consultation.

  • Full access to the SIRC online database

    With your Coaching Association of Canada subscription to Canada’s national Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC), you have access to one of the largest collections of sport-related material at your fingertips! Included in this service, free of charge, are:

    • Access to SIRC’s extensive online sport resources, including:
      • Helpful articles on sports science, medicine, and sport development (youth participation, physical education, and physical literacy).
      • Practical tools including coaching plans and training programs, club and organization leadership, management and governance templates/guides, and youth sport programming recommendations.
    • Search SIRC’s sport databases.
    • Multi-media SIRCuit (Athlete Pathways, Leadership, and High Performance).
    • Ask SIRC online.

    Please log in to your Locker account to access this service and click on the “Resources” tab.

    If you log in and are not taken to the Coaching Association of Canada Dashboard, please contact SIRC at

  • Health and Dental Group Benefits Program

    As a ChPC or Registered Coach in good standing, you have access to an easy to use, affordable, and competitive health and dental benefits program. Depending on your coverage needs, you may opt into one of 2 plans:

    Coverage Details: OPTION 1 and OPTION 2

    What are the benefits of joining?

    • Added financial security for you and your family.
    • No medical forms to be completed. You simply fill out your enrolment form, and a Green Shield pay-direct card will be sent to you.
    • Competitive Pricing, insurance is less expensive to obtain through a group plan than in the individual insurance market.

    For information on how you can join this exciting program, please contact or Benefits by Design:

    English Inquiries:
    Jenna Knott

    Phone: 1-888-272-0413, ext. 125

    French Inquiries:
    Marie Clarke

    Phone: 1-888-272-0413, ext. 113


  • Liability Insurance for coaches

    When coaches work outside their regular coaching environment, liability insurance is necessary to protect them, and we are thrilled to be able to provide this service to ChPCs and Registered Coaches at a discounted premium.

    It provides coverage for paid coaches, unpaid coaches, independent coaches, team leaders, mentors, and training instructors that may not be insured when working/volunteering with teams or sanctioned bodies. This policy will also provide additional protection in the event their team or sanctioned body does not have adequate insurance.

    Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. (CIBI) in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), has formed an exclusive National Insurance Program for Coaches across Canada.

    For more information about this program, please visit

  • Professional Development Webinars

    The Coaching Association of Canada views professional development webinars as a valuable component of continuing education. We have assembled a series of webinars sourced from various partner events from Canada, giving ChPCs and Registered Coaches exclusive access to them at any time, from anywhere. Enjoy!

    To access the webinars, please log in to your Locker account and click on the “Resources” tab.

Other Services for Professional Coaches

  • Coaches plan

    Coaches plan magazine is a FREE publication which the CAC publishes three times a year and is packed full of ideas to spark your coaching creativity, resources to help you plan, prepare, and deliver exceptional coaching, profiles on coaches who share their best practices, and much more. We are confident you will find something to enjoy in YOUR Canadian coaching magazine.

  • Coach House

    Coach House was created in an effort to better support coaches on-site at Major Games and international events. It is used by coaches and team leaders for meetings, workspace, access to business tools such as printers, and to connect with other coaches.

    To view Coach House photos from previous Games, click here

  • Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC)

    The CAC has teamed up with Sterling Talent Solutions to provide an online criminal record check process at a low price of $25 (+tax) per applicant. The Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) provides a secure database to store and share results, manage renewals, and track the progress of individual checks.

    For more information on the E-PIC, please click here.
    For frequently asked questions about E-PIC, and other screening needs, please click here.
    To begin your E-PIC application, please click here.