Coaching Association of Canada

Planting Seeds

Stage of Activity 



30-40 soccer cones
Same number of “seeds” (beanbags or ping-pong or tennis balls)


5 - 10 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Place cones in a large circle in the middle of the playing area.
Place “seeds” along a start line 20 to 80 metres from cones.
Athletes line up behind the “seeds”.
On “GO” they grab ONE seed only, run to the cones, “plant” the seed on or under the cone, then run back for another seed.
Continue until all seeds are “planted”.
Coach times the activity.
After a short rest, the action is reversed and the plants are “harvested”.
Each repeat, athletes grab one “plant” (cone and seed) and bring them back to the start line.
Goal is to harvest faster than they planted (beat the overall time).


Speed, agility, body awareness (kinesthesia), coordination


Cones can be placed on chairs or tables (e.g. if completing the activity on bikes or in wheelchairs).