Coaching Association of Canada

Paul Bowes, ChPC

Sport: Wheelchair Basketball
Years Coaching: 30
Years Coaching National Team: 22

What are you most looking forward to about coaching on home soil?
The hometown fans and having the nation behind us on home soil will be awesome for everyone.

What was the most important part of your preparation as a coach?
We have a young team so getting the new players to learn the new systems.

Did everything go according to plan? What would you do differently?
So far so good. Sadly, our head coach Jerry Tonello was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March and has had to step down, so we have adjusted our coaching roles and will do the best we can to qualify our team for Rio and to make Jerry proud.

What would a medal performance by one of your athletes mean to you as a coach?
We have to finish top two to qualify for Rio, so this is an extremely important competition to make sure we go back to defend our gold medal of London 2012.

What did NCCP training teach you that will serve you well in the heat of competition at these Games?
Be prepared, be patient, be Canadian.

What tip do you have for development and community coaches?
Immerse yourself in education, experiences, and ask other coaches questions. Incorporate the things you like and use them, but don’t change your style or who you are, you have to be yourself, but you can learn so much from other coaches. Coach and speak to your athletes the way you would like to be spoken to, incorporate that.