Coaching Association of Canada


The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association offers the following NCCP workshops:

Coach 1: These coaches will help solo and higher Certificate of Proficiency (CoP) holders to acquire basic skills for individual skydiving on a daily basis. Coaches in this level of parachuting have the most up-to-date information on how to coach, making them a strong initial resource.

Coach 2: These coaches will assist experienced novices working toward their CoP level A and recreational skydivers working toward their CoP level B, achieve an advanced level of overall skill development by setting performance goals. This type of coach will help participants refine basic skills, and introduce a variety of more complex techniques to individuals who already have some experience in the sport and who already exhibit a fair degree of proficiency in the activity. Coaches will be able to provide more customized instruction based on the individual performance characteristics of each participant.

Competition – Development: Designed for coaches with a Coach 2 rating and national level competition experience, or coaches who are two-time national team members, this workshop will help coaches support athletes who are embarking on a competitive path. The 3-day program will present the following information: 

  • Planning a Practice;
  • Managing a Skydiving Program;
  • Performance Planning; and
  • Analyzing Technical and Tactical Performance.

The program requires that coaches complete 6 multi-sport modules as it is part of the Competition – Development context: Managing Conflict, Coaching and Leading Effectively, Leading Drug-free Sport, Developing Athletic Abilities (including the two hour online pre-workshop session), Prevention and Recovery, and Psychology of Performance. 

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