Coaching Association of Canada


Orienteering Canada offers the following NCCP workshop.

Introducing Orienteering: This one-day workshop is tailored for parents, teachers, cadet and scout leaders, club members, and students currently in a sports education program, who want to develop new athletes in the sport. The workshop covers topics such as ethical coaching, equipment, the rules of orienteering, planning and coaching sessions, sport safety, and competition organization.

For more information on the Community Sport program and a schedule of workshops please click here

Competition - Introduction: The orienteering-specific workshop for this context is called Analyze Performance and Supporting the Competitive Experience. It has a 6.5 hour classroom and in-the field curriculum that focuses on skill observation, analyzing performance, error correction, and the responsibilities of the coach at competitive events. The Comp-Intro program is aligned with the needs of athletes in the Train to Train stages of orienteering’s LTAD.

Coaches working towards certification must also attend the Make Ethical Decisions, Plan a Practice, and Teaching and Learning workshops offered through the Provincial/Territorial Sport organizations.

For more information on the Comp-Intro program for orienteering and a schedule of workshops please click here.