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One-Foot-High-Kick (Inuit Game)

Stage of Activity 



Ball suspended 1-4 metres from the floor



Number of People


How it Works

This game was traditionally played in the winter months, indoors, with a sealskin ball. It is considered one of the most difficult Inuit games as it requires incredible body control, strength, and coordination.
The goal is to kick the ball with one foot while in the air and then land on that same foot.
Athletes may take a running start or jump off two feet from the ground.


Strength, power, agility, body control, core stability and control, target hitting


Suspend ball at lower heights to decrease difficulty and higher heights to increase difficulty.
Use arms or an implement to try and tag the ball for athletes who are unable to use jumping or kicking (e.g. if on bikes, in wheelchairs, in pool, etc.).