Coaching Association of Canada


Stage of Activity 



Basketballs and pylons


5 - 15 minutes

Number of People

5-20 people (2 teams) 

How it Works

Split the group up into two teams with an equal number of players. Assign a number to each player ranging from 1 to the amount of players on each team (each team will have a Player 1, Player 2, etc.). Both teams line up on opposite sidelines of a court, with a goal, basket, etc at the end of the playing surface. The players are an arm’s length apart from their teammates, lying down on their stomachs on the line.
Place a pylon on the half court line with a ball somewhere in the middle of the playing surface at an equal distance between both teams. Call out one of the numbers (if 1 is yelled the player of each team with the number 1 is to participate). The participant called on then gets up from their spot, runs around the pylon at centre, and races to the ball. Whoever gets to the ball first is offense and will be attempting to score on goal; the player who did not get to the ball first defends.


Focus, Agility, Decision-making, Shooting


Can be used in the following environments: court, pool, ice pad and field. Can be played in multiple sports such as soccer, hockey, water polo, and basketball.