Coaching Association of Canada

Noodle Tag

Stage of Activity 



Noodles cut in half


20 minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Pool noodles will be cut in half, it is best if each team has the same colour noodles. All players with the same colour noodles will line up on either side of the playing surface. The coaches will count down to begin the game and each team will have to try and tag the other team with their noodles. If someone is tagged they have to sit down and put their noodle high in the air to show that they are down. The coaches will be the medics, 1 for each team. Running around tapping players lightly on the head to bring them back into the game. It is recommended that participants only tag from the waist down.

Applications This activity works on the participants positioning, striking, hand-eye coordination and awareness.

This activity can be played on a field, court, ice, snow and gym. Modify the game to have team mates have the ability to revive downed players.