Coaching Association of Canada

Noodle Skeleton

Stage of Activity 



12 - 15 pool noodles 
2 - 3 mats or soft surface (e.g. grass) 
1 cone for start line 



5+ minutes

Number of People


How it Works

Place all pool noodles beside one another, with no gaps (make a raft) on top of mats or soft surface (e.g. grass).
Put start cone 10-15m away from noodles.
Athletes take turns running toward the noodles and “sliding” down the row on their stomachs, mimicking a sled or skeleton (winter sport).

*The coach spots for safety at the noodles and repositions them into a raft after each turn (or older athletes can alternate re-positioning the noodles).


Speed, body awareness (kinesthesia), gliding / sliding


Shorten approach to reduce speed.
Add a short obstacle or agility challenge after the “slide” to increase movement time and reduce waiting time in line. .